Breast Reduction

Patient 1

23 year old patient with size 36F breasts desired breast reduction.  Shown pre-operatively and 3 months post-op. 480 gram (right), 465 gram (left) reduction.

Patient 2

33 year old patient with size 38G breasts desiring breast reduction. Shown pre-operatively and 6 months post-operatively.  995 gram (right), 895 gram (left) reduction.

Patient 3

42 year old patient with size 36G breasts desired breast reduction.  Shown pre-operatively and 3 months post-op. 635 gram (right), 530 gram (left) reduction.

GD’s Story

“Dr D was on my list of surgeons provided by my insurance. I looked up her ratings and background online and decided to set up a consult. Upon meeting with her I loved her immediately.

“Dr D has a very easy going manner. Also, her assistant, Brooks, helped set everything up for me and bent over backwards to get the surgery scheduled for when was convenient for me. He also helped me figure out the cost and the best time to have the surgery to utilize the fact that I’d met my deductible for the year.

“The healing process was more intense than I was expecting. I didn’t realize it would take so long to recover fully.

“Now that I’m all healed, I feel like a brand new person. Before, my chest was so large that I didn’t see the point in trying to eat well or losing weight. Those things never changed my appearance. I was extremely self conscious and had to buy expensive, restrictive, bras and swim suits online. I went to great lengths to hide how large I was. Now I don’t even wear underwire anymore. I feel so free! I really came into this because I was in so much pain. It hurt to wear a bra and it hurt when I took it off. I did not expect to feel beautiful from this surgery (but I do). I wish I had done it sooner.

“Thank you much for changing my life!”

Patient 4


47 year old patient with 36H breasts causing upper back pain and shoulder grooving.  Shown pre-operatively and 4 months post-operatively. 890 gram (right), 795 gram (left) reduction.

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