COVID-19 now and the future

As of today there are nearly 2 million cases of the novel Corona virus worldwide and nearly 200,000 deaths.   Here in Illinois we are under a statewide stay at home order.  Medical practices have had to shutter their doors, convert to Telehealth and some have shifted to urgent care only.  I’d like to update everyone on where we are at IDI and in particular my practice as a plastic surgeon.

First, high-quality and safe patient care is my top priority.  That will never change.  My personal goal is to be the most effective physician I can be while keeping people safe and healthy.  Second, there are a lot of ways to stay connected and to avoid having skin or surgical conditions worsen while we wait for the relaxation of some social distancing recommendations.

At the IDI office we are still open for urgent and emergent cases.  We have implemented the following safety measures:

  • We will ask you a series of screening questions to ensure there is the lowest possible risk of COVID transmission at your visit.  If you have any symptoms, please let us know.
  • We are currently scheduling patients with 15-minute gaps between appointments, so people maintain a proper social distance. 
  • No Waiting Room! While our waiting room now has chairs spaced 6 feet apart, out hope is that patients can actually wait in their cars for their exam room to be ready.  Just call the front desk when you arrive, and we will let you know when to come up.
  • Enhanced cleanliness -we are sanitizing all door handles, countertops and exam rooms following each and every visit.
  • PPE -We encourage you to wear your own mask but can provide you with one if needed.  All employees and physicians will be wearing masks and gloves during your entire visit.  We will continue to do this until there is a scientifically sound reason to adjust this practice.
  • Touchless pay options -for any and all purchases or credit card copayments we can store your credit card securely and use it for payments without needing to swipe. 
  • Telehealth visits!  We are offering all new and established patients the option of having a face to face video consultation or follow up in the comfort of your home! Don’t worry about dressing up, wear the most comfortable and soft clothes you can find!
  • EMERGENCY!! If you or anyone you know suffers a laceration, burn or has a wound that appears infected AVOID the ER and contact us directly at 847-920-8122.  We will take care of you in the office ASAP.

What you can do:

  • Stay engaged with us!  Follow us on Instagram @drsaradickie, @idiskokie or @1_mag_medspa
  • Keep practicing personal skin health by wearing sunscreen and following your skincare routine. 
  • Take time for yourself! Do you have personal health questions or things you’ve always wanted to ask a plastic surgeon (like, all our secrets!?!) email me or DM on Instagram @drsaradickie.  I’d love to hear from you.
  • If you need products don’t hesitate to call us and order, we can have your products packaged and ready for you to pick up.  You can also purchase SkinBetter Science from our online provider store at  Obagi and Image products are available through One Magnificent Medspa for door to door delivery by calling (847) 558-8888 or visiting the website

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some surgery cases. This fine young woman had already had #mohssurgery on her nose. Closure with a direct advancement flap on the left. So where I would typically do a rotation advancement or a bilobe flap there were scars at the base of both designs limiting what I thought would survive. So instead I trimmed and shortened her lower lateral cartilages with a tip rhinoplasty, closed the skin along the tip #subunit and removed #burowstriangles along the alar creases. This is her at 1 month. Happy Monday! ...

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She woke me up Monday and said “what time am I getting my ears pierced?” Turns out it was 1:30pm. ...

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