2018 MACLA

We made it there and back again!  Nearly 120 surgeries for cleft lip, palate, nose, ear deformities and microtia, burn scar contractures, vascular malformations, congenital hand anomalies and traumatic injuries.

On our first day the intake center was well organized.  Patients arrived at the break of dawn to wait outside of the main hospital entrance.

This year’s trip included 9 surgeons, hailing from North Carolina, Alabama, Kansas, Texas and Illinois.  We had three surgical residents from the University of Chicago, University of North Carolina and University of Missouri-Kansas City. 

Most amazing was our group of over 50 volunteers!  These included anesthesiologists, CRNAs, recovery room nurses, family medicine providers, physical and occupational therapist, surgical scrub technicians, medical assistants, lay persons with big hearts and as always the Peace Corps volunteers who provide the translational services as well as cultural guidance and education.  Such a tremendous group.  It was really a blessing to behold.


Back again was lovely Reina who finally broke a smile!  On the right is a photo from when we first saw her, 2 years ago with a large tumor on her upper lip.  Though we have met multiple times, she was always very stoic.  This year, she came to say ‘hola’ and gave us many, many smiles.  It is so very good to see her happy!



We had a wonderfully good time, providing much needed services to kind and deserving people lacking resources to attain them otherwise. We cannot do it without the generous support of our donors.

Anyone reading this can please feel free to donate any amount to help us continue this well established and productive mission trip.

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